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Are Aftermarket Bumpers Street Legal? What You Need To Know

If you’re thinking about upgrading your Jeep, truck, or other 4x4 with an aftermarket bumper, you may be worried that you could get in trouble for illegal aftermarket modification. So are aftermarket bumpers street legal? Let’s explore the specifics now.

Are Aftermarket Bumpers Street Legal?

Most aftermarket bumpers are street legal. However, what you have to keep in mind is that there are no national standards or parameters that must be met when modifying your Jeep or 4x4. The requirements for a bumper to be street legal vary by state.

Different states have different requirements for bumpers, such as requirements based on:

    •     Obstruction of front lights on the vehicle
    •     Obstruction of rear lights or turn signals on the vehicle
    •     Bumper height
    •     Bumper width


As a rule, as long aftermarket front bumpers and aftermarket rear bumpers do not obscure your lights and are reasonably sized, these bumpers will likely meet local requirements and parameters for street legality. The only way aftermarket parts become illegal truck mods is if they violate these rules.

In fact, the vast majority of aftermarket bumpers are street legal in almost every state. This makes sense – aftermarket bumper manufacturers would have a much smaller market share if everyone who installed their products was constantly getting tickets!

So as long as you do your research on your own state, you likely will be able to drive your vehicle without worrying about being pulled over or fined for illegal truck mods.

What Aftermarket Bumpers Should I Buy?

There are a lot of different aftermarket truck bumpers available, so it may be hard for you to choose the right front bumper or rear bumper for your 4x4.

We recommend that you click here to head to Bumper Superstore and enter the make and model of your truck or Jeep, and look for the features that will benefit you the most, like winch mounts, additional light mounts, and protection for the underside of your vehicle. With a wide variety of different aftermarket front bumpers and aftermarket rear bumpers, you’re sure to find the street legal aftermarket product that’s right for you.

 Wondering what’s available? Here are a few top aftermarket bumpers for different Jeeps, trucks, and 4x4s: 

With a selection that spans dozens of vehicle models and is available for both new and old vehicles, you’re sure to find everything that you need to customize your vehicle on Bumper Superstore.

Check Your State’s Requirements Before You Purchase An Aftermarket Bumper

To be safe and make sure that your vehicle will be street-legal with an aftermarket bumper, we highly recommend that you do research on your own state’s laws. In Ohio, for example, front and rear bumpers must be at a maximum height of 22 inches. As long as your bumpers meet these requirements, they will be legal.

So do a little bit of Googling to look into the requirements in your state – and perhaps a few neighboring states, if you plan on road-tripping for off-road expeditions. This ensures you’ll be able to buy an aftermarket bumper that’s made within legal parameters.

Ready to shop for legal aftermarket parts? Bumper Superstore provides non-illegal truck mods, with an enormous selection of bumpers from top manufacturers like Addictive Desert Designs Body Armor, Rogue Racing and more. Find the right bumper for your Jeep, truck, or 4x4 today.