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Winterize Your Vehicle - Winter Truck Checklist - Winter Proofing Jeeps

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Halloween is upon us and we all know what that really means-- winter is coming. For some of us living in the north winter is already here.  At Bumper Superstore, we know how important it is to make sure you vehicle is ready for the harsh weather of the winter months. It is never fun to break down on the road, but it is even less fun in the winter. Bumper Superstore put together this quick list of vehicle winterization tips for making sure your truck or SUV is ready to go when the temperature drops this winter.

We know trucks, Jeeps, and SUV’s are tough but being tough enough for the colder temperatures and harsh conditions that are coming our way is not just about how rugged your vehicle is on the outside. When thinking about winterizing a vehicle the place to start is by prepping your vehicle for the winter during the warmer months while the days are longer, and the temperatures are still comfortable. But, if you are reading this, that time may have already passed, or the days are quickly becoming shorter and you need to get started today!

Check out our list of top items to check before braving the winter this year:


  • Check the antifreeze levels. An absolute must-do for all makes and models of trucks, jeeps, and SUv’s but one that is easy to forget until it is too late. Make sure the antifreeze is in good condition (check for foreign materials or discoloration of the fluid) and at standard fill levels before outside temperatures dip below zero. It is important to inspect the coolant system for leaks or wear while you are checking antifreeze levels and quality. Additionally, avoid adding too much antifreeze into the system too soon as you may experience problems with your cooling system during those wonderful warmer weather days in late Fall. 

  • Test the battery. Give your truck or SUV battery an in-depth inspection to make sure all connections are clean, tight and free of corrosion. Whiteish green build-up or melted/heavily exposed cables are a sign you may need to replace the battery before winter. Also, make sure that the water level in the battery cover the lead plates, since cold temperatures can drain battery life quickly.

  • Check/Prepare your tires. Tires are one extremely important in bad weather situation and should be a main focus of the winterization process for any vehicle owner. Climate, vehicle usage, and road conditions play a significant role in deciding how to prepare your tires for winter. You definitely want to inspect the tread (replace tires if necessary) or get your tires rotated and make sure your spare is ready to go in the event of a winter emergency. If you live in an area with heavy snow or extreme winter conditions, you should consider investing in chains or studded snow tires.

  • Protect your bed. Often overlooked during the winterization process, the truck bed can take a real beating during the winter and you will want to take steps to protect your bed if you can. If you don’t have a truck bedliner, now is the time to think about getting one. Truck bedliners, specifically spray bedliners made from polyurethane, serve two purposes. First, they provide protection from scratches, rust chemical contamination, ice, snow and rain, and paint deterioration. Second, bedliners provide an anti-skid, anti-slip rough surface, which is extremely helpful when hauling things in and out of the bed all winter long. You can find spray on bedliner dealers to apply the coating for you with a bedliner spray gun. If spray bedliner isn’t in the budget this year, Bumper Superstore has great options from WeatherTech bedliners at great prices. 

  • Check the Standard Fluids. We know you are always on top of regular oil changes, but don’t forget the other fluids that are key to keeping your vehicle happy and healthy. Oil reacts differently to cold temperatures, so be sure check both the levels and the viscosity with every change. Make sure your power steering fluid is in good shape and at proper levels. Also, make sure the transmission fluid is not discolored, burnt or low. There is no faster way to be paying a ton for repairs than to neglect your truck's transmission or oil.

Winter may not have come to you yet, but it's never too early to start preparing your pickup truck, jeep or SUV for the cold winter months ahead. An afternoon of planning and preparation can go a long way in preserving your vehicle for the long winter ahead.

Looking for products to keep your truck happy during the winter? Bumper Superstore recommends the list below: