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Made in America Spotlight: Ranch Hand Bumper 

One of the most favorable locations that a truck could find itself situated in is the open space and demanding hauling duties found on a ranch. When it comes to longevity and rock-solid durability, this manufacturer of American made bumpers are able to stake the claim of being the #1 aftermarket truck bumper in existence! Bumper Superstore is highlighting them because they are a high-quality company and they make products that 'speak for themselves’ in every way.  

In 1986, Texas was just a little bit less tame than it is now, and those who loved big skies and wild pastures were all about hefty trucks. Ranch Hand saw their beginnings here as one of the very first to stake claim to the truck accessory market. They have built their brand on sturdy and amazingly-engineered bumpers and accessories. Now employing more than 200 and processing more than 40,000 pounds of steel every day, they have never moved their expertly-sourced organization to the confines and congestion of the big city.  


Why Should I Buy a Ranch Hand Bumper?

Finding yourself off-road in muddy terrain or needing to quickly muster pushing a trailer is exactly where these ranch hand aftermarket bumpers shine. Truck owners seeking the most durable bumper they can get their hands on will gravitate towards the Legend Series, brandishing full-schedule 40 pipe. Heavy-duty models such as the BTD101BLRS Legend Bullnose Front Bumper are prime examples of these one-piece welded designs that hold off on expanded metal, cutting down rattling as you drive.

You will never have to drag the drill out to install these pieces: they bolt directly and simply to the frame mounts. Anyone who is relying on the trustiest truck types in the world will surely want a bumper that reigns supreme while withstanding the elements, and all of these products are built by individuals who have torque, horsepower, and towing specs on their minds full-time. Every brand of truck has its own unique distinction and assets, and Ranch Hand manufactures bumpers for the Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Ford 150, and GMC Sierra lines.

This all-American business is one that understands the frustration of truck owners who have seen many parts and accessories built elsewhere that are flimsy and unreliable. For every installation of a Ranch Hand bumper, you as the customer can rest assured that it was engineered and designed by a team that takes the same level of pride in their craft as anyone would take in showing off a pristine Clydesdale at the Lone Star State Fair itself.

One close look at products such as the Legend Rear Bumper With Sensor Plugs for the Ford F250/350 exhibits superior quality. A standout means of securing the rear of a ½ ton truck and tested for a 10.000-lb towing capacity, it allows you to enjoy every early morning's engine roar minus the flimsy materials that make up so many accessories today.


Where Can I Buy a Ranch Hand Bumper?

We are happy to provide online access to this and many other tough and durable truck accessories. We frequently choose to “shine a bright digital marketplace spotlight” on brands who go the extra mile, and we have always held Ranch Hand American made bumpers in the highest regard. The perfect gift for a diehard truck fan or a special treat for yourself, these top-notch bumpers are available right here at the Bumper Superstore!