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Expedition One Tacoma Aftermarket Bumpers - Expedition One Tacoma Bumpers

Expedition One Toyota Tacoma Aftermarket Bumpers

Recommending favorites is a rite of passage within the realm of aftermarket truck gear: there are those outfits out there that we notice stand a notch above the rest. Expedition One Aftermarket Toyota Bumpers fills those capable shoes well, as their skill and mastery of the latest computer-aided drafting and rendering allow them to offer a superior and off-road-ready product. Their well-honed knowledge began cultivating in 2004 as a business established to provide the task of research and implementation for cutting-edge off-road gear.

One year later, the durable and unique Trail Series bumpers and Smooth Motion Tire Carrier Systems became their flagship offerings, and they began to solidify a future in the release of their very own products. Creating a very diverse line of accessories that have seen hours of engineering to result in the best for your vehicle and arriving with a polished and aggressive stance immediately after assembly, these bumpers and other precision parts don't have to do much but glisten in our online store to catch any off-road connoisseur's discerning eye.

Why are Toyota Tacomas Better With Expedition One Bumpers?

One reason why almost all owners of the Tacoma immediately fall in love is its sheer ability to conquer obstacles that others simply can't. Boasting crawl control for the most challenging of trails, electronically controlled locking rear differential to evenly distribute wheel power, and five terrain modes to select from, the fun never stops while kicking up dust and navigating boulder-strewn paths. Trusted adviser Kelley Blue Book ranked it as the Best Truck Brand for 2020, and its available V6 engine and 6800-lb towing capacity empower you to easily dominate during your next extended adventure.

What Expedition One Tacoma Bumpers are the Best?

While there can never be the perfect bumper, adding sweet additions to your rig from the best accessories possible, durability, premium materials, and long standing track record are all key traits on the checklist. Toyota Tacoma Expedition One Bumpers are a selection that anyone requiring around-the-clock reliability will find superior to others on the market. Crushing the competition just as the Tacoma TRD would plow through a fast-flowing stream, the TACOFB100 Range Max Winch Front Bumper constructed of bare steel is just one example from the amazing crew at Expedition One that is 100% made and designed in the USA.

The TACORB100 PC Rear Bumper for the Toyota Tacoma in textured black allows you to also add on a set of 4” fog lamps if you wish, and enjoy premium high-grade protection from this personal favorite of ours. Based in Ogden, Utah, the design team here no doubt has spent many hours at Moab, the state's “Jewel of the Nile” as far as tough-to-navigate terrain and majestic scenery. Plastic cases, inexpensive chrome coatings, and crash mounts with poor ratings lack the essential durability needed to triumph with your Tacoma on the trail. The solid mounting of a quality accessory acts as a crucial anchor point for winch recovery and can make way for more wheel and ground clearance.

Where Can I Buy Expedition One Tacoma Aftermarket Bumpers?

We have so much appreciation for Expedition One because of the way in which they dug in heavily and very obviously explored every square inch of the Tacoma during their design implantation. Built and inspected by individuals who look over every last detail as they would every fork in the trail on a dusty but dependable map, this manufacturer's enthusiasm and vast knowledge reflect heavily in their finished product. If you are enjoying the off-road prowess and power of a new Tacoma, Bumper Superstore is the one-stop digital shop for all of your bumper needs!