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Truck Essentials Under $500

The urge that naturally sets in to upgrade your truck is unavoidable, and all of us here at the Bumper Superstore recognize it as a year-round occurrence! Even during the moments where you are in a hurry to back out of the driveway and get moving, it's easy to start daydreaming about all of the truck upgrades you want to add on. Each little piece of aftermarket goodness makes your off-road vehicle that much more your own, and looks awesome whether it is drifting through dunes, climbing quickly up a fire road, or just sitting for a spell in the parking lot waiting for you to punch off the clock.

Here are 4 of the coolest truck essentials we offer that won't impose too much brute force on your pocketbook, and will leave you with another great thing to talk about with your friends before its time to load up and set your sights on the trail!

This Pair of CRE 18 Mud Flaps possess unique off-road greatness for the same reason that many other products do, and the superiority exists in what they are made of: constructed from 1/8” high-density polyethylene, this pair of truck upgrades accommodate all brands of fender designs. The fun isn't completely unleashed in any off-road scenario unless your tires are spitting up rocks, which is just what these CRE splash guards are perfect for protecting against. Backed by a 1-year warranty, each pair comes with appropriate mounting hardware and detailed instructions.

This BackRack 30127LP Low Profile Hardware Kit is engineered to fasten your rack securely on your truck within minutes. This truck upgrade kit contains the fasteners and brackets that aid you with proper installation. After you install your BACKRACK Truck Rack, you can branch out by adding custom lights, antennas, and other accessories without any drilling required. Each various type of mounting brackets allow you the opportunity to decide from standard no drill, toolbox no drill, low profile drill, low profile tonneau, or over the rail tonneau methods of installation.

The Trail FX 601D Truck Bed Mat For The Dodge Ram 1500 is a truck essential that is the full-time “guardian of your truck galaxy”, protecting it from dents, accidental dings, and chemical spillage. Its textured surface keeps your tools, outdoor toys, and brother's couch he talked you into moving from sliding, and it is custom-designed to fit your Ram's bed. The raised ribs make things easy during load-in, and the Nyracord rubber provides a greater amount of solid protection than what flimsier rival brands offer. This is one of the coolest pickup truck essentials you could add to your ride, as you'll be thankful for it every single time you load items of all types and don't have to deal with a plain Jane, non-grippy factory bed.

The BedRug BRCJ76R Floor Kit is the perfect truck essential that provides heavy-duty relief for your Jeep's floor that is bound to take a beating in the forms of water, mud, and small debris. Long-term staining, odors, and mold are all things that you will need to worry about without the addition of 100% waterproof material. After a rewarding day cutting through canyons and exploring the beckoning back country of your choice, you can quickly remove these separate pieces to be rinsed off. During many instances when it comes to off-roading, what comes included as your carpeting is not nearly rugged enough to handle protection duties for your most precious cargo. BedRug is known for its excellent track record of environmental safety, seeing all materials that are unusable during a build recycled into pellets and sourced for other goods. 

For a total of $501, you can ride in style with an all new collection of truck upgrades! Products that cost an arm and a leg don't do much good for the truck owner that wants to stand out but still needs a bit of survival cash leftover from their purchase. Come visit the Bumper Superstore online today to find the best aftermarket accessories for your truck or UTV, and browse our selection of wallet-friendly and ideal adventure-prone extras!