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LED Light Bars - LED Light Street Legal - Light Bars for Truck

Are LED Light Bars Street Legal?

On the Bumper Superstore blog this week we are going to tackle one of those issues that seem to be frequently discussed among off-roaders about safe navigation once the sun goes down. There are so many various types of aftermarket products you can find right here on the website that many trail experts like to focus on tires, running boards, or grille guards. However, when you see a super cool off-road truck coming at you, if they are brandishing a light bar, you'll know right away! Here we'll go over whether or not LED light bars are street legal and provide a few great options that we have for sale.

What Are LED Light Bars?

While you are out driving in terrain that is challenging enough to enjoy with your perfectly-modded rig, you may likely need more than standard headlights to show you the way. You have the choice of mounting light bars either on the windshield or on the top of the vehicle and are very easy to install. Light bars for truck additions used to be much more primitive and now have become a detailed and great way to light up hard-to-navigate areas with many variations available.

Can You Use Light Bars on Roads?

In most regions of the continental United States, the answer here is no. In a majority of states, an LED light cover is adequate for legal use during highway driving. The reason for this is that even when completely unintentional, they could understandably pose danger to another driver in oncoming traffic. Most states also have laws that are in place to regulate the mounting location, and clearly state the difference between off-roading lights and fog lights. These solid restrictions on height reduce the mounting area's size so that any piece above the grille will not meet standards.


Can I Be Pulled Over For an LED Light Bar?

Yes. You can be pulled over, and some states mandate that you also have no more than four forward-facing lights. Some states, such as Maine, dictate that no auxiliary light can be present on the vehicle that is brighter than standard lighting equipment, and in New York, all auxiliary lights cannot exceed 402 lumens. Even if they don't feel that it is an outright safety issue, the authorities may want to use their lighting statutes to inquire and see if your registration and other necessities are in order.

What is The Value of Light Bars?

LED light bulbs are the most affordable out there, and maintenance isn't an issue since they usually have a very long bulb life. During a demanding off-road jaunt where you are lurching and experiencing frequent bumps, LEDs are ideal since they fare well with inclement temperatures and rough terrain. If you are doubling down for competition and using your truck for a professional race, they are great at alerting your competitors as to where exactly you're at, since high speed during the night hours can get visually risky!

Here at the Bumper Superstore, we have gathered up some of the most fitting and functional LED lights on the market. The GO Rhino 911000PS Sport Bar is our very favorite. You still retain a bit of the classic sport bar look, with an added modern design element. With all of the legalities we just discussed in mind, its coolest feature is the power-actuated light mount that allows you to quickly hide the lights when they aren't needed.

A great model for the budget-minded  off-roader is the N-FAB C063LB Light Bar For The Chevy Tahoe/Suburban/Avalanche. You get to proudly display a cool-looking bar with a Gloss Black Powder Coat, with a simple bolt-on design on the lower part of the grille.

Check out our full collection of parts to solve all your aftermarket needs, and find the ultimate source of dirt and boulder-ready “guiding light” for your adventures today!