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Towing With An Aftermarket Bumper – Off-Road Aftermarket Bumpers – Bumper Superstore

Towing with an Aftermarket Bumper


If you are an off-roader, you know that one thing is going to happen to you eventually: getting stuck. Whether you are a rock crawler and you get a tire wedged between two chunks of sandstone, or you are out in the mountains and find yourself buried up to the axles in mud, you are going to find yourself in a sticky situation. Off-roading is not for the faint of heart. You take your vehicle to its limits all the time and at the end of the day, getting unstuck isn't the question, but how many times. For some of us, this is a measure of fun.

But when it comes to getting pulled out of a mess, your vehicle has to be up to snuff. Some stock equipment just doesn't cut it, and instead of getting pulled out of a gooey mess, you are carrying your bumper home in the back seat. Getting unstuck depends on a lot of ways that your equipment can handle the situation. 

Your towing capacity is determined by the weight of your vehicle's frame, your hitch, and the power your vehicle delivers. The tongue weight, on the other hand, is how much downward force the trailer puts on your ball hitch during towing. If the forces on your vehicle exceed these numbers, you are going to have problems. After all, when getting pulled out of the muck, you are essentially being towed. And for normal operations like towing toy-haulers, ATV trailers, or campers, you need to make sure you are prepared to get the job done without damaging your rig.


Common Vehicle Recovery Equipment Strength Points:

  • Bumper: Not only useful to protect your body/frame from collisions, it is a strong point to connect to.
  • D-Rings: These are built to hook into and deliver leverage directly to the strength points that can withstand pulling.
  • Hitch Mounted Tow Points: Even stronger than bumper tow points, these are reliable and tough.
  • Winch: Essential when off-roading solo or with others who are bound to get stuck.
  • Straps: These can take a lot of shock and give, unlike a steel winch cable, which can snap or break your tow points.

Note!  Do not use bumper-only tow points, as these are not reinforced enough to displace the force to the strength points of your frame.

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