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Truck Running Boards - Types of Running Boards - Nerf Bars

What Are Truck Running Boards?

One of the most memorable traits while enjoying a properly set-up truck is the driver's perspective. Looking down on the highway as the many miles roll by or scoping the scenery of the next trail you're getting ready to enjoy has its perks. The height that allows for what sometimes seems like a perfectly-situated perch can make it just a bit tricky to climb up into, which is why many of our shoppers here at the Bumper Superstore make adding truck running boards to their rig one of their very first alterations to their favorite off-roading machine.

So What Are Running Boards/Nerf Bars?

These are useful products that were designed to give drivers and passengers much easier access to their vehicles. Another great reason to add running boards to the vehicle is that they will protect it from the chipping from rocks and other debris that gets constantly kicked-up from the road. Once the running board and Nerf bars are in place, they offer long-lasting protection for doors and side panels from extensive damage. Since you have to step up to the board first, it also acts as a means of keeping the inside of your vehicle clean, giving you the opportunity to quickly wipe any dirt and mud off before you climb in and continue the adventure.

Best Running Boards and Nerf Bars

The AMP Research 75104-01A Powerstep Electric Running Board For Ford Excursion is fully-automatic and electric-powered, retracting perfectly out of sight when the door is closed. This is a Bumper Superstore favorite due to its very solid construction, all-weather capability, and unique LED light system. Coated with PTFE military-grade finish, it's also backed up with the most durable form of consumer confidence in the form of a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty.

 The AMP Research 75105-01A Powerstep Electric Running Board for the Ford F-150 is the same type of product for the Ford F-150, one of America's hardest-working and easily-recognized trucks. AMP's groundbreaking PowerStep and BedStep products made their permanent and exciting mark in the aftermarket segment for their proven record of performance and versatility. Their 55,000-square ft. facility in Tustin, California is where the assembly lines crank out and rigidly test these world-class products. 

The AMP Research 75107-01A Powerstep Electric Running Board for Hummer H2 is the aluminum-built and all-around awesome electric-powered running board for this famed vehicle with tremendous off-road capability. With its tow rating of 7,000 lbs and 10 inches of ground clearance, you'll be stepping up quite often on this hummer additive with an ear-to-ear grin, since the vehicle's performance on dirt is unstoppable. All of these top-notch AMP Research Powerstep products have been tested in demanding conditions for durability such as snow, ice, mud, and dirt.

The AMP Research 76151-01A Powerstep Plug And Play Running Board For Ford F150 is the perfect item for those who won't just hang anything on their prized F150. These boards are an extreme upgrade for anyone who is seeing their OEM look feel a little bit too ordinary. The finish is the ideal texture and color to match black trim, and one that an off-roader without extensive knowledge could still install successfully using the instructions included. This product and all of its components are crafted right here in the USA from aircraft-quality aluminum, and PTFE coated as a defense against severe corrosion. The heavy-duty electric motor provides reliable performance for many long years of ownership.

Climbing up to the cab at the beginning or end of a killer outing as far away from concrete as possible will be that much more awesome with any of these types of running boards. Our online team here looks out for products that consistently go above and beyond to deliver you unparalleled aftermarket quality, and allow you to build the best custom and well-revamped ride.