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Best Truck Bed Covers - Truck Tonneau Covers - Pickup Truck Bed Cover

What Are Truck Bed Covers?

Every time you pull up and get ready to safely park your truck overnight before the next day of work or off-road play begins, securing it with an ideal cover protects the contents from inclement weather or theft. When it comes to the best truck bed covers we have, you have several options, just as you would when selecting which trail to take when eagerly surveying a boulder-lined canyon! Since we strive to provide so many options for every type of aftermarket additive we have here at the Bumper Superstore, we wanted to provide a blog going over the different types of truck covers there are, and point you in the direction of the best one for you.

Why Do I Need a Truck Cover?

Frequently referred to as tonneau covers, truck toolbox covers are a very useful aftermarket addition that can offer heightened performance, style, and accessibility. They help keep the truck bed clean, making the sudden need to haul not as daunting. Without one, water, dirt, and leaves can accumulate in your bed, and if you are frequently using metal tools, they will benefit from a sun-shield.

Roll-up Covers provide flexibility and easy installation, making them ideal for those who need a simple truck bed cover to put to use immediately. Tri-Fold Covers come in both soft and hard variations, with the harder types providing a high grade of weather protection. They are not difficult to install, and can't be cut into by an intruder. Retractable Bed Covers offer a great deal of protection and are easy to get out of the way if the need to free up space in your bed arises. Many retractable covers can be locked in place while partially open, and if you are frequently diving in for that box full of crescent wrenches and drill bits, it'll be a major help.

Why Should I Buy a Bed Cover?

Many pickup truck bed cover upgrades out there are instrumental in protecting the extra space you can use to haul items with. Since the bed offers up space to carry, these items are sometimes best left out of sight or locked up. After taking inventory of what you normally haul in the back of your truck, you'll be able to decide which type best meets your needs.

What Truck Bed Cover Should I Buy?

The Roll N Lock LG222M Roll-N-Lock M-Series Truck Bed Cover is an ideal way to protect your GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado Brand Bed. It offers multiple latching positions, heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl, and a flush handle with finger insulator grip. Boasting aluminum housing with a cargo shield, this is surely the durable and indestructible option you are looking for if protecting your cargo is “always serious business”.

The Roll-N-Lock RC109E Roll-N-Lock E-Series Tonneau Cover is a great choice for the Ford F-350 Owner that is on the hunt for the ideal wireless Key FOB with a theft-resistant hinge. This beauty is equipped with torsion springs and powered by a tough commercial motor. It's perfect for someone who is hauling goods that absolutely cannot be tampered with, also providing trusty protection from weather elements.

The Steelcraft TN12431 Tonneau Cover is a low-appearance and low-weight solution for proud F-150 owners with a tri-folding soft design. Powdercoated and offered up for the best in protection, this is the choice for the truck owner who is OK with a slightly lighter-duty truck tonneau cover that offers up access for goodies such as rods n reels and rock climbing gear while braving the elements ranging from a sprinkle to a downpour!

We love frequent visitors that get excited about all things truck-related here at the Bumper Superstore, where we have the most practical and economical space-saving solutions. Browse our online section today to find the new-and-improved bed security to keep your valuables safe and sound!