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Best Truck Bumpers With Sensor Holes

Front bumper parking sensors are one of the modern wonders of truck technology that even the most stubborn of us (think of someone like Sam Elliott on the Netflix Hit 'The Ranch') were excited to embrace. These front bumper sensor kits can be installed in the front bumper by sourcing power from the brake light, and alert you by audio when they detect an obstacle. Perfect for times when you are situated in the wild and are going to urgently know if anything is moving around you, it's a very handy hunter or contractors truck upgrade. Today we'll tackle the topic of which trucks have rear sensors, and the most fitting bumpers to add that compensate for their hollow points.

Why Do I Need a Bumper With Sensor Holes?

Many aftermarket bumper manufacturers like the ones we choose to offer here at Bumper Superstore will include holes built into their bumpers, which allow you to easily compensate for the placement of the sensor. If the bumper is constructed in a solid formation without these holes, it will not be able to work in conjunction with the useful parking sensors or even truck backup sensors. If your vehicle doesn't have these sensors, you can opt to cover them up by using plugs included with the kit.

What Front Bumper with Sensor Holes Do I Need?

The Westin 58-2499055 HDX Rear Bumper For the Ford F250/350 1999-2016 With Sensors is constructed with 7-gauge steel, and equipped with 1-inch thick HS Shackle Mounts. The F150 is the choice of many hired hands, hard-working construction pros, and master anglers that would be able to swap stories for hours. Brandishing a super-cool laser-cut HDX logo on the ends, you can choose to snag one in textured black or raw finish.

The Ranch Hand SBC201BLSL Sport Rear Bumper With Lights and Sensor Holes For the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD/3500 HD 2020-2021 provides the perfect companion back bumper to the summit front bumper that is built specifically with the hefty 3/3 ton's specs in consideration. There's even a built-in step for easy bed access, as you are adding this cool feature allocating for bumper sensors on one of America's most popular and durable trucks offered up from the longstanding bowtie brand.

The Frontier Gear 200-31-5008 Grille Guard With Sensors for GMC Sierra 2500 HD/3500 HD 2015 – 2019 looks so sturdy and distinct at first glance, that there's not much question as to why it is deemed as the most unique brush guard on the market. Boasting punch-plate workmanship and a full wrap-around style, this one for the Sierra is frame-mounted to provide Grade-A protection and security. The in-depth process sees the high-gloss powder coat finish baked on during an expertly-executed process, by a company that was ranked fastest-growing private entity for four years straight in Inc. Magazine. 

The parking sensors on trucks not only provide an added boost in awareness in the wild, but also when you are parking your most prized possession in town on the pavement! The best aftermarket front bumper sensors are a great help in avoiding unwanted impact, and keep you consistently alerted on curbs, children near your vehicle, and other parked cars. Our bumper collection is a great place to find all of your truck's needs, including the perfect bumper for you that works with front bumper sensors and allows the space they need to function perfectly. Whether you favor the F150 or shiver with anticipation every time you jump in your Silverado, we have the aftermarket solution for you that won't break the bank and is always going to look spectacular!