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Made in America Spotlight: Bodyguard Bumpers

Many stories that depict the rise of American Truck Bumpers companies begin with a dire necessity. This family-owned operation based in Paris, Texas did not exactly see their beginning while trying to generate and yield large profits! Twenty years ago Grant Mallicote's father met the very common rancher's misfortune of striking a bull while out on a drive. The incredible US made truck bumper endured damage during the event just as many do, and he took it upon himself to make a new one completely from scratch. Their business then got started in the trusty confines of their farm shop, eventually fulfilling a need for durable bumpers built in the USA overseeing operations from a 37,000- square-ft facility.

What Kind of Products does Bodyguard Bumpers Offer?

Aside from bumpers, Bodyguard also cooks up amazingly-crafted fender flares, side steps, rock sliders, and recovery gear. We love America’s Bodyguard bumpers so much that we have always given them the highest amount of props right here on our website, as their popularity among pickup truck and Jeep lovers has skyrocketed for good reason.

The staple of their Texas-inspired offerings is the A2L, creating such a stir after the launch that it appeared on more than 50 vehicles during the star-studded SEMA 2017. It consists of a low-profile design and lightweight construction, and a practical-yet-poised appearance for your rig. Available in the choice of bare metal or awesome black powder coat finish, this American truck bumper can be accessorized with a sport bar or the addition of a complete grille guard protection outfit.

Why Should I Buy an American Bodyguard Bumper?

There are some US-made truck bumpers on the market that feel thrown-together and a bit on the flimsy side. “Proof always lies within frequent placement”, and this company's designs are so sought-after that they ran out of application for SEMA placement some time ago

Just one example of one of their certified A-level product fitting one of America's favorite trucks is the CEC15BA2 Extreme Winch Front Bumper For the Chevy Silverado 2500/3500. Featuring a modular center skid plate and  30” light bar cutout, it's constructed of the most durable and crash-resistant steel out there and offers the best addition for front-end attitude on an award-winning favorite.

The Bodyguard JEF16BNG FT-Series Front Bumper With Receiver Adaptive Cruise Compatible Ford F250/F350 is an awesome example of Bodyguard's Diamond Plate line. A fitting and fully-personalized option at a very affordable price, this piece is constructed to work with OEM lights and brandishes a built-in receiver hitch ideal for the task of moving heavy loads around. Constructed with durable 2 O.D. Tubing, this model is also designed to perfectly fit factory fog lights.

This Bodyguard 28670 Full-Width Rear Bumper Without Sensor Holes For the Jeep Gladiator JT 2020 is a killer way to offer a full-customized look to the model that both Jeep and truck fans were waiting years on. Featuring a 10 Gauge shell, bolt-on accent plates and end caps, this is the best way to feature an awesome style and form of security on the caboose end of one of America's most off-road ready and premium-built Jeeps with a bed. You can add a pair of flush mount lights or shackles if you want, and you'll be ready to shove off and enjoy a day of red sand drifting and boulders in no time.

Here at Bumper Superstore, we have loads of love for brands such as Bodyguard, who are out there making the products that any truck driver would be proud to display on their truck. We have a special knack for sensing who spends their days striving to make the best products for your aftermarket value, and our online store allows you to browse for all of your bumper needs. Get ready to upgrade your truck to legendary status, and protect yourself from unexpected impact with a high-quality American truck bumper!