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Bumper Superstore Build Favorites: Thunderstruck

As the snow falls in many of the areas where people love to roar up their trucks for a proper taste of the wild, it's an ideal time for us here to reflect on why we chose some of the brands we proudly offer. There's a story behind every one as rich and exciting as the sensation of leaning back in the driver's seat while you wonder if you're gonna quite come out on top after the boulder you're climbing is conquered. Heavy-duty bumpers are not only the base of our business but a protective element that allows you to perfectly customize your rig.

Why are Thunderstruck Bumpers a Bumper Superstore Favorite?

Thunderstruck Aftermarket Bumpers built their reputation piece by piece after they realized taking pride in durability was going to offer truck owners a product whose reputation they can trust. The grille is the “ultimate guardian” when encountering anything that the highway or brush trails offer up, and one way these bumpers are better than their competitors is the unique square tube design. The ability to withstand a harsh impact is not only a massive selling point but as true-bred and safety-providing as your favorite coveralls or pair of boots offer up when you need them most.

Situated in the heartland and manufacturing every bumper from start to finish proudly in the USA, their US-made truck bumpers 182,000 square ft manufacturing site is in Abilene, Kansas. One of the reasons that these bumpers are so durable is the time spent with attention to detail while building them: precision cutting machinery and the very latest in 3D CAD technology make a world of difference when the finished product finally comes roaring off the line ready to be proudly poised on your truck. One very satisfied review claimed that one of these bumpers placed on an F150 Ecoboost endured the misfortune of hitting a 300-lb black bear at 55 mph and it proved to be worth every single penny after not a scratch was seen on the bumper or truck.

Our Thunderstruck Truck Bumper Recommendations 

Just one example of their fine craftsmanship is the Thunderstruck CHD11-200 Elite Front Bumper for the 2011-2014 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500It's a massively-durable model made from the highest-quality American-made steel and easily bolts directly to the frame. All of these bumpers are built specially to order and provide the choice of round, square, or factory holes for fitting. This is a fully-customizable American truck bumpers product with a winch mount available for add-on.

If the legendary and tough-towin' RAM is your thing, the Thunderstruck DHD06-200 front Bumper for the Dodge Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500 2019-2020 is the ultimate way to visually let folks know there's a finely-constructed storm headed their direction! Built to fit the newer RAM body style, you have the option to add a fender flare, winch mount, or receiver hitch to further make it your own. This excellent example of the best in craftsmanship and burly build can be ordered with either a smooth or diamond steel finish.

Superior quality and protection are also found when you “make the bump up to elite”: the Thunderstruck Elite Series FEV08-200 Front Bumper for the Ford E150/250/350 2008-2020 bolts directly to the frame and provides the same awesome support offered from 14-Gauge perforated metal screen construction. You can opt to add on sensor holes, a VooDoo Recovery Rope, as well as tow hook mounts for quick recovery.

If you've just situated your brand-new truck in the garage and are eager to get the factory goods off in a hurry, you shouldn't waste any time visiting us here online, where Thunderstruck and many other great brands are primed to help you kick up rocks and dust during your next adventure!