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Fusion Truck Bumpers - Fusion Aftermarket Bumper - Heavy Duty Bumpers

Bumper Superstore Build Favorite: Fusion

Becoming a Bumper Superstore favorite gives any manufacturer bragging rights to claim that they are a notch above the rest in the exciting realm of off-road truck supplies, and providing aftermarket goodies to the savviest and most experienced trail explorers out there. Fusion truck bumpers are built with the aid of very modern CAD drawn and laser cut parts, and boast a world-class fit and finish. One way in which they quickly rose to the challenge and surpassed the competition is by complimenting your truck's rugged features, but not completely taking over its appearance. If you need a durable heavy duty bumper, then Fusion is the brand for you.

Fusion’s aftermarket bumper line offers models for the Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram line, Ford, GMC, and both the consistently-capable and off-road-ready Toyota Tacoma and Tundra. Family-owned and operated right here in the proud USA, there are many customization options like brush bars and light guards, custom license plate bolt LEDs, and holes to allow for backup sensors.

Why Are Fusion Truck Bumpers a Bumper Superstore Favorite?

When we hone in on a product and its features just as closely as you would hone in on the trail map before diving in and tackling the gulch or river, we quickly saw their durability and appreciated the way they were laser cut to perfectly accommodate your specific model. As you choose to get acquainted with this awesome product line and begin with something like the Fusion Front Bumper for Chevy Silverado 2500HD/3500, you immediately get a feel for their superior quality.

With their top-of-the-line Limited Lifetime Warranty and shipping right to your door from Payette, Idaho, these sleek bumpers are available in both raw and powder-coated varieties and are snugly fit within two inches of the factory profile. There are custom internal winch mount options on most models that need a durable way to get out of the mud, and built-in air vents to fulfill extreme cooling duties and offer a stylish appearance. This particular bumper is available with or without headlight guards and has an intense visual focus on blending in with your truck and not providing a visually loud shock at first sight.

Bumper Superstore’s Top Fusion Aftermarket Bumpers

The Fusion 1420TUNFB Front Bumper For Toyota Tundra 2014-2020 is a great example of this excellent brand's computer-drawn and laser-cut American steel, resulting in an ideal and long-lasting finish. All of these bumpers offer the ability to add on cube lights that are sold in pairs and come complete with the fitting wiring kit and harness. On this high-quality front bumper is a 1/4” full-width faceplate with 11 gauge gussets, and specialized end caps to get rid of road grime creeping up from the tires. You can also throw in a world-famous Voodoo Recovery Rope, giving you a trusty and valuable 16 mph head start over the competition.

This Fusion 1620TITFB Front Bumper For Nissan Titan XD 2016-2020 is constructed from the same 1/4” full width faceplate with 11 gauge gussets for reliable support and strength that is solid as a rock! The Titan XD is known for offering up a ride quality that is better than the majority of heavy-duty trucks, and for its excellent towing ability. If you're fixin' to make your Titan look super sweet with an aggro bumper that still has a great penchant for blending right in, you can even make just like your favorite burger joint would and “add on a double stack” of rigid light bars on each side.

Bumper Superstore has you fully-covered on all fronts when it comes to bumper needs, and Fusion front and rear bumpers are one of our top choices due to their reliability, looks, and perfectly streamlined design process. Buy the perfect Fusion aftermarket bumper now at Bumper Superstore!