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Types of Truck Bumpers - Truck Bumper Options - Top Truck Bumper Brands

Types of Truck Bumpers

If you have just pulled off the lot in a brand new truck, you are already bound to be plenty excited, as you now have the highway and off-road conquering vehicle you always dreamed about....what should you add to it next? In this blog, we will go over one of the most practical first additions you can make, and talk about truck bumper options to outfit your rig.

Top Truck Bumper Brands

There's a large selection for you here to choose from as you browse to look for a bumper that will fill you and your trucks' shoes (or boots!) with an impressive match, and each brand has its own unique flair and fit.

Scorpion Bumpers are professionally fabricated with precision laser cutting, and incorporate CNC Press Brake techniques to do an awesome job of shaping cold roll steel.

Bodyguard Bumpers possess a mastery of transforming raw material to a completed work of art, boasting numerous grade-A welders on their team. Providing in form the sweet spot where strength meets style, they have an awesome fit and finish on every single model.

ARB Bumpers saw their origins in the rugged and remote confines of Australia's outback, where diehard 4X4 enthusiasts had a need for equipment that would live up to extreme conditions 24-7. Completely revamping crude barwork and going back to concrete design principles, ARB's concepts were heavily embraced upon arrival.

Road Armor Bumpers are living proof that every replacement bumper is by no means created equal. 100% made in the USA and Lone Star State strong inside and out, their use of the highest-grade steel provides a bumper superior in every way.

Different Truck Bumper Options:

Aluminum Bumpers provide a bumper type that is lighter than steel, and still strong enough to provide protection from high impacts. All performance components of your vehicle are able to provide their best potential when they are not bogged down with extra weight.

Base Bumpers appear similar to stock bumpers at first glance, but do a great job of contouring to the constructed lines of your truck, and don't come equipped with the typical push bar attached. They offer an ideal quick-fix for a drastic change to the front end's appearance while allowing you to proceed with the useful addition of a winch or off-road and night-ready fog lamps.

Bullnose Bumpers are the number one choice for many off-road experts that have manned terrain from Carlsbad Canyon to the Continental Divide. Due to their unique look and heavy-duty reinforcement, they possess an amazingly sturdy quality and will be great at obstructing damage from anything in your path.

Grille Guard Bumpers have a natural eye-catching quality and are the best choice to protect you and your headlights from oncoming front-end damage. You can choose between Diamond Plate and Smooth Finish, and these are an extremely popular bumper form that replaces your factory component with long-lasting and durable wraparound protection for your prized truck's entire front end.

Pre-Runner Bumpers have the bull bar or push bar already welded onto the front or top to add necessary strength for the haul or mount off-road-ready lights. Various brands can make way for up to 4 fog lamps, and pre-runner bumpers have always been favored by those who need rigid protection for the work or play site.

Ranch Style Bumpers are sought-after for their construction from beefy pipe, durable steel on the outer shell, and ability to contend with heavy cattle and untamed brush. Heavy-duty is the name of the game here, as these rugged works of art will have to endure the perfect storm of trail-blocking offenders.

Winch Mount Bumpers are replacements that afford quite a bit more front-end protection while also providing a better approach angle. Strong winch bumpers will mount directly to the frame without factory brackets, and today's products right here at the Bumper Superstore are more reliable than ever.


Top Truck Bumper Brands and More

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