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What To Do With A Rusted And Chipped Bumper – Bumper Superstore

How rust can accumulate on a bumper

Rust is simply the oxidation of steel or iron, which means it is the process of the molecules in these metals slowly being changed in chemical composition to something else through bonding with oxygen.  Rust can be limited by adding different types of metal which resist oxidation to the steel, such as vanadium or chromium, but that is expensive and generally not done in car manufacturing.  Even chrome plating has been used to eliminate rust, but with plated metals, those impacts and sandblasting effects take off that layer eventually, leaving the metal underneath exposed to the oxygen in the air.  Dents and pits allow moisture and corrosive elements such as water to pool and promote oxidation as well.

Rusted Bumpers -

It is important to be aware of the rust on your bumper, not only for aesthetics, but also to prevent your first line of defense against impact from becoming weaker due to rust.  Over time, the bolts and bolt holes can rust through, and your bumper could fall off, causing all sorts of damage as it passes under your vehicle.  A weakened bumper will also be unable to withstand impacts the way a solid bumper in good shape can.

How to Decide to Restore or Replace Your Bumper

If the rust is only superficial and hasn't eaten too far into the steel, you can restore the bumper.  Here's how to restore your bumper:

  1. Remove the bumper.
  2. Hammer out all dents so that the bumper is as close to its original shape.
  3. Use a sander or wire brush attachment to remove all paint on the bumper.
  4. For rusted spots only, remove the paint and rust until you are down to the bare metal.
  5. Keep the bumper moisture free while you are refinishing it, to reduce the chance of oxidation on unprotected metal.
  6. Prime and paint with a bumper-specific paint. (Or have the bumper re-chromed at a machinist that specializes in this).
  7. Apply a durable clear coat.

Rusted Bumpers -

You might consider replacing your bumper if the steel has been eaten through entirely and there is significant damage done to the metal.  Also, if the retaining bolts, brackets, and holes have been eaten through, you should replace your bumper to avoid damage to your vehicle and to enhance the protection it offers.

Why Choose Bumper Superstore?

Rather than putting a bandage on a worn out part that will continue to be a problem (not to mention an eyesore), you should consider a complete replacement of your bumper when you see dents, pitting, or other signs of wear which will just promote further corrosion.  Check out our bumpers by vehicle today and treat your vehicle right.