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Made in America Spotlight: Iron Cross Bumpers

The ongoing buzz and chatter regarding products “fully made in America” has not become popular among truck owners for no reason: The highest quality parts available derived from 3 decades of pride and hard work are suitable for an industry that has experienced its fair share of outsourcing  recently. For us to provide our customers an in-depth focus of a company such as Iron Cross with a fully-fledged shout-out here on the blog, it means that they have gone above and beyond our expectations, and are making a product that anyone would be proud to have mounted on their truck.

In 1530, the beautiful island of Malta was bestowed to the Knights of St John and the Knights of the Crusaders after their thoroughly-battled and ultimately sacrificial efforts. The 8-pointed cross that became their vigilant symbol originated to tell the drastic difference between friend or dangerous foe, and later became a symbol of loyal service honoring amazing Americans such as Police and Armed Forces. As the Maltese Cross became the symbol for Iron Cross bumpers, it solidified their promise to be one of the very last 100%-American made aftermarket accessories now in business.

Why Should I Buy a USA Iron Cross Bumper?

Available in push bar, base, and full grille-guard style, Iron Cross Bumpers are ideal for the truck owner who recognizes pure style and ingenuity when it comes to protecting every square inch it covers, and then some. You can select from winch front bumpers, winch front bumpers with front grille guard, front bumpers with a push bar, rear bumpers, and the all-out massive Hardline series. These are all on deck to whisk you away from factory-optioned and baseline boredom! Iron Cross makes amazing high-quality bumpers for Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, GMC, Ford, and Toyota available for sale right here online at the Bumper Superstore.

The Iron Cross 20-615-97 Base Bumper for Dodge Ram 1500 1997 – 2001 Gloss Black is made from laser cut 10 gauge steel and fine-detailed for the best existing structural integrity. The shell has a lightweight stance that's still strong enough to resist the forces of nature and ranch debris in your way, and you can bolt up to a 12,000-lb winch to the bumper in case you ever get “stuck during action” and need a trusty pull. So much extensive research has been done to assure that newly-constructed bumpers truly brandish an ultra-lightweight with a modern stance, and fits the mighty model that was Motor Trend truck of the year three consecutive times.

The Iron Cross Ford 20-415-04 Base Winch Front Bumper For Ford F150 2004-2008 in Gloss Black is a full replacement bumper with massive utility and styling that sets it aside from the norm. There are numerous elements over time that can corrode your vehicle, and Iron Cross bumpers like this one for the burly F150 have been carefully scrutinized to assure that the harshest of what rays and rain can do to a trusty aftermarket surface is kept to a minimum.

The Iron Cross 20-705-07 Base Winch Bumper For Toyota Tacoma 2005-2001 In Gloss Black is a solid and patriotic tribute to one of America's most capable off-road trucks. Earning a rabid cult following over time, the Tacoma just came out with a limited-edition trail model flaunting 16-inch TRD-style wheels and a very robust “at all costs” driving demeanor. This bumper features a 3.75” light housing, and you can also throw in a VooDoo Recovery Rope and a pair of 4” LED fog lamps with a wiring harness if you choose.

Order Iron Cross Bumpers from Bumper Superstore!

We have requests frequently from die hard truck owners that want to be fully sure that their products are built and tested right here in the USA and then made available here at the Bumper Superstore. It's a matter of pride, quality control, and well-earned homegrown luster, and Iron Cross is a premium example of a product the Eagle itself would stand behind.

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