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Headache Racks - Jeep Headache Rack - Truck Headache Rack

Everything You Need to Know About Headache Racks

Even though jumping off-road and hitting the trail always sounds like the perfect antidote for a long week, there can be a few “headaches” that pop up and put a damper on your fun. Trucks that are constantly prepared for anything the thrill of the trail may throw at you are also at their best when they have a unique style and a sense of added protection, which is what Headache Racks provide. Bolted to the truck bed directly behind your cab, they provide a massive help during dumping and a valuable shield for your rear glass.

Why Headache Racks?

You may be under the gun to quickly haul something to the job site like a ladder that is a bit longer than your bed or just looking to protect everyone along for the ride in the cab from the cargo in the bed. If you are ramblin' down the road with a large load and are forced to make an immediate stop, there's no more risk of seeing the cargo cause a “massive headache” by breaking through the rear cab window.

If the sun rays are thankfully beating down in full force while you are climbing boulders and forging through streams, one of these killer add-ons from us here at the Bumper Superstore makes it cooler inside during these days. We carry an extensive line of these racks that include  awesome colors and materials ranging from white powder coat, stainless steel, chrome, and black powder coat. The fully-louvered rack option provides a practical protective cover for the entire back window, or you can opt for an open-window design that has either side precisely cut out.

Many of the truck parts you'll find right here are constructed with vertical uprights that make their way over the top crossbar, ideally allowing a safe space for any form of extended cargo up top. Built-in brake lights and running lights come with some headache racks to increase visibility for other trucks nearby grabbing a bit of air or canyon time, and they are also a great way to prevent would-be thieves from making their way to your precious belongings. 

What Types of Headache Racks Do I Need?

Our BackRack 10300 Safety Rack Frame is an easy-to-install item that requires no drilling on most trucks and comes in a trademark durable powder coat finish. Offering premium protection for your cab and made from resilient 100-wall steel tubing, it has an adequate and thickly-netted means of preserving the cab's glass and securing cargo such as lumber and PCV Pipes as you shuttle between job sites.

The BackRack 1131OR Truck Bed Rear Bar is not only the hard-working roofer's dream in the form of a perfect ladder mount, but is also ideal for securing any other form of long cargo. If it wears the BackRack brand name it is already bound to be work ready, and can still appear in top-of-the-line form while getting the job done. Staking your claim on any mountainside or treeline divide won't be too difficult with this very cool and unique means of a guard for the cabin.

Bumper Superstore is your premium destination to locate headache racks with perfectly rugged good looks and no-stress installation. Having a big truck comes with numerous responsibilities that involve the telltale durable-goods haul, and sticking up for the front and rear ends that will be affected by the cargo will completely round off your rig's versatility and appeal!