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Voodoo Offroad 2.0 

If you happen to get stuck in sand, mud, or a toxic combination of the two while offroading this year, you may wish that you had the ability to “cast a spell” on the forces that are preventing you from going anywhere soon. Voodoo Recovery Ropes have long been a Bumper Superstore Favorite, creating and developing their awesome goods from their sunny and hot location in Phoenix, AZ. We have long held high regards for their products that are tested thoroughly by real drivers on challenging terrain, and they strive at the grindstone every day so you can “do what you don't dare to do”.

Top of the Line Voodoo Offroad Products

The New Santeria Series Ropes offer up top-notch strength and support, and one of their amazing features is their high-grade UV resistance. Specialized test methods are used to gauge polymer stability, and these killer ropes have been put through the wringer to assure that the massive rays on your trip won't take a toll. The extra coat of polyurethane guards against the blistering-hot and very invasive rays the sun can dole out, and provide keen resistance to the “effective mojo” of color fade!

The end termination sleeve material on items such as the Voodoo Offroad 1300001A 7/8” Truck Jeep Kinetic Recovery Rope Green With Rope Bag  is constructed with durable end termination sleeve material that are made by expertly fitting an eye that helps with hardcore rigging and tow duties. This durable and highly capable new brand of rope also boasts a 5% greater strength due to its higher break point.

This Voodoo Offroad 1300004 1/2” x 16' Kinetic Recovery Rope Green is on deck to help reduce the sudden impact generated by the presence of conventional tow straps. You'll notice the difference while you prepare to get yourself out of a tricky situation, and heat sealed points on all joints and ends offer even more durability. This process utilizes a heated die or sealing bar to apply heat to a specific contact area of path to seal or weld thermoplastic elements firmly together. With an 11,700-lb. breaking strength, you'll benefit from all the killer stuff Voodoo offers to get your Tundra, F150, Ram, Silverado, out of trouble on the double.

Green may just not quite be the right hue for everyone, and that's fully ok! The Voodoo Offroad 13000027 7/8” Truck/Jeep Kinetic Recovery Rope Black With Rope Bag offers up all of the other great and durable qualities of the toughest recovery rope in the world, with a trademark 16 mph head start over any model you'll find from the competition! Every single inch is transformed into the modern off-roader's miracle choice of kinetic energy, which it transfers into force dedicated to get you unstuck.

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One quality that many buyers bring up about all sorts of truck products is the warranty coverage, and with accessories like this that are constantly put under pressure on the job, industry-leading and promise-backed  plans are in demand. Voodoo has now concocted a unique brand of magic in this department. All original purchasers are now covered by Voodoo's Limited Lifetime Warranty that offers the ultimate peace of mind.

Getting stuck is not one of the glamorous and action-shot worthy moments of off-roading, but can happen to even the most experienced drivers. Voodoo has long been known as the best in the business, and this new Santeria series has some great improvements that will win over new followers with ease! With a fresh-brewed pot of wickedly-good truck needs that pay homage to anyone with the desire to explore, you can find these ropes and other great Voodoo products at Bumper Superstore today!