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Do Nerf Bars And Running Bars Rust - Nerf Bar Maintenance and Tips

Do Nerf Bars And Running Bars Rust?

All of us here at the Bumper Superstore love the look and functionality that running boards add to your truck or SUV. Winches, grilles, and bumpers are by all means go-to accessories and are the “bigger things” that draw positive attention to your truck. But the visual and functional appeal of running bars are now available in many shapes and sizes, and once you slap on a truly awesome set, you'll want to know just how they hold up to the elements.

Since many of our nerf bars and running boards don't need any drilling during install, they won't be as prone to corrosion and rust. Brands like AMP combine trusty aluminum with composite material to create the ideal running board that doesn't weigh a ton, passes with flying colors in the all-important durable department, and won't let you down after a bit of moisture! Here are some of our favorite models that will see you “stepping up” to a rust-free and long-lasting truck.

AMP Research 75107 – 01A Powerstep Electric Running Board For Hummer H2 2003 – 2009 

This option is the automatic solution for one of the world's best known “go anywhere” vehicles that automatically deploys to get you in and out. The Hummer is known for its military-grade might and muster, and is anodized and coated with a finish that resists the wear and tear that eventually leads to rust.

AMP Research 75104-01A Powerstep Electric Running Boards for Ford F150 1999 – 2001 

These running boards are a Bumper Superstore Favorite that automatically extend when you open your door. These running boards boast an industry-standard for reliability and stability. The F150 is one of the highest-performing and rugged trucks there is, and these perfectly-black aluminum flat boards are backed as usual with a 5 year/ 60,000 -mile warranty and our solid stamp of approval!

AMP Research 75110 – 01A Powerstep Electric Running Board For Nissan Armada 2004- 2015 

These running boards are great examples of a quality product that won't rust while still brandishing a snug fit. Boasting precision stainless steel pivot pins for class-leading stability, these nerf bars are some of the coolest and easily accessible rust-resistant running boards for this off-road ready brute!

Check out Bumper Superstore’s full selection of Nerf Bars and Running Boards here to find the right one for you and ride in style today!