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What Are Upper Control Arms - Upper Control Arm Purpose - Upper Control Arm Use

What Are They Used For?

If your idea of a fun weekend sees you barreling down the canyon as your top priority, every rock, rut, and dent in the land may affect your ride. Upper control arms are important components sometimes referred to as “A arms” are a very important and all-powerful core of your front suspension system. These are the links that connect your consistently hard-workin' front wheels to your truck. Control arm and strut type suspensions are two of the kinds you'll find most frequently, and each control arm uses two bushings to move up and down. Some control arms come fully-equipped with attachment points directly at the frame, and the most capable ones are made up of cast iron, stamped steel, or cast aluminum materials for longstanding durability.

What Brands do We Offer?

Tuff Country, Icon, Pro Comp, and Rubicon Express are a few of the premium brands that we feel have proved their worth enough for us to offer truck lovers on our portal.

The Tuff Country 2007 – 2020 Toyota Tundra 4x4 & 2WD -Upper Control Arms are one of the finest products we have that is critical to not only your front suspension but your entire vehicle's operation. The Tundra is an already awesome and globally-recognized truck that boasts great chops in mud, dirt, sand, and snow, and these control arms provide 2 to 4 inches of lift which will improve the feel of every fire road you drive on, boulder-rich corner you take and provides a powder-coated finish made right here in the USA.

This ICON 98550 Billet Aluminum Uniball Upper Control Arm Kit For Ford F150 Raptor 2010-2018 provides an aluminum upper control system for one of the most fun, heavy-duty, and award-winning trucks available. As the Raptor is prone to hedging jumps, needing all the clearance it can get for washed-out and mudded terrain, and not worrying about factory joint ball bind, the presence of the 3.0 Coilover shock will register a nominal increase in performance. A damaged or improperly functioning control arm will make your vehicle prone to more vibration, steering problems, and various types of wear and tear. Precision crafted by CNC machinists, this is the way to go when needing the perfect balance for your rig during any doubt you encounter when the ruts make their way to your workday!

Why Shop With Us?

Here at the Bumper Superstore, we have long known that when it comes to making sure everything about your truck is A-OK, and only the best will do when it comes to quality control. Upper Control Arms provide a very vital function, as anything directly in front of you will take a beating that these excellent additives will surely withstand. We have all the best when it comes to aftermarket supplies, and want your truck to wholeheartedly look “ready to rumble” as soon as you pull up on the spot!

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