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Hammerhead Bumpers – 10% off All July Sale

During the dog days of summer as a proud truck owner, we know that there are all sorts of overhead expenses that you are forking over just to have fun, and it's well worth it! The days when blue lakes are inviting and the thought of your next lift kit for the trails are is on your mind deserve a price break or two – and that's why we are slashing ten percent off all Hammer Head products!

Hammerhead is one of our favorite brands that continuously displays the highest in quality and awesome-appearance factor. They’ve long had our seal of approval because of their class-leading industrial grade, and “fully-stacked southern pride”! Engineered in Bay Springs, Mississippi, they are welded by the heftiest and most carefully hand-picked employees that boast the AWS D1.1 welding certification. The Silverado, Ram line, F150 and F250, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, and Toyota Tacoma or Tundra can all be equipped with these great-looking and hard-work ready aftermarket masterpieces.

Just one example of our favorites you'll find on sale here this July is the Hammerhead 600-56-0802 Profile Front Bumper With Square Light Holes For the Ford F150 2018-2020.

It is immediately as over-the-top impressive as the glint of a morning's first light in the canyon thanks to its ability to stand up to the constant punishment of off-road challenges. Today’s bumpers that boast the high-caliber build that Hammerhead does are so much more than items for extra décor: this model has air vents to help airflow to the radiator and intercooler and is compatible with the front-facing camera.

With this being is the perfect time of year to daydream about packing up the trail maps, fishing rods, tackle box, rock climbing gear, and tents, it is also the best time of year to enjoy savings on some of our select products here at the Bumper Superstore! Deriving its namesake from one of the most stealth and stubborn sharks in the water, their first-class wares have always got your truck fully-covered and ready to roll on short notice!