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Gen 3 Toyota Tacoma - Scorpion Toyota Tacoma Bumpers

Top Three Bumper Picks for Gen 3 Toyota Tacomas 2016 – 2020

The Tacoma took the compact pickup market by storm when it first arrived on the scene, putting a high priority on ride quality, comfort, handling, and safety over a traditional rugged quality found in other models. All of us here at the Bumper Superstore took keen notice when the Tacoma TRD Lift Kit was made available as a dealer-installed option last year, complete with Bilstein shocks. Here are a few of the available bumpers we have that look simply awesome on this truck that has risen righteously up through the off-road ranks!


Scorpion SCO-FBTOYTAC16 HD Front Bumper With LED Cube Lights For Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2020

This bumper is manufactured in Scorpion’s high-end fashion, using high-precision lasers to exercise the all-important “final cut”. These great aftermarket bumpers are worth every penny and every time you see one coming you can tell off-road enthusiasts put their best hand forward during creation.

Scorpion SCO-RBTOYTAC16 HD Rear Bumper With LED Cube Lights For Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2020

This bumper gives you the ability to add a winch or super-stealth Voodoo Recovery Rope, and is properly heading up the rear while also ready for use with soft or metal shackles. With a clean, flat look that contrasts well with off-road tires, this Pre-Runner style guard boasts the utmost in fit-and-finish for truck lovers of all types.

Body Armor:

Body Armor TC-19339 Hiline Series Winch Front Bumper For Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2021

This bumper boasts heavy-duty steel plate construction, which allows for insane durability in the most harsh conditions. You do have to slightly trim the factory bumper to allow room for this awesome specimen from the Hiline Series, but the “short and sweet” appearance definitely makes it worthwhile.

Fab Fours:

Fab Fours TT16 – B3650 -1 Winch Front Bumper With Full Guard For Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2021

This bumper is truly a prime powerhouse that sets its sights on massive strength and an ideally brutish appearance! It comes with a 2-piece mounting system , the adjustability to allow a “custom” fit, and appears as if it could take on an entire army or boulder-strewn canyon with ease!

Fab Fours TT16-W3650-1 Premium Rear Bumper For Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2021

This bumper is the winning combination to go with the existing receiver hitch. With D-Ring mounts and a step included, you'll also be gaining valuable recovery points in the event you ever need a strong pull to safety. An amazing example of American-built perfection!

Fab Fours TT16-W3651-1 Premium Rear Bumper With Sensor Holes For Toyota Tacoma 2016 – 2021

This bumper is yet another steel-formed masterpiece that any diehard truck lover would be proud to brandish on the “going-away” end! It's excellent products like this that make adding aftermarket parts as thrilling as plotting your next journey skirting the tree line!

Looking for more? Have questions about your ride? Check out our full collection of Toyota Tacoma bumpers or contact us here so our team of experts can help you ride in style today!