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Types of Bulletproof Hitches - Bulletproof Hitch Options

New Bulletproof Hitches To Help Take on the World

No truck owner should take the term “Bulletproof” lightly - it means that the product it’s describing can endure the sheer brute force of immense force! With the towing capabilities of trucks rising steadily over the past few decades, Bulletproof rolled up their sleeves heartily and jumped right in to create the ultimate hitch for tough-as-nails duty. All our staff here at Bumper Superstore gives Bulletproof full props for being the highest-quality trailer in existence and are consistently amazed by its standout features like the laser cut channel holes designed for extreme precision.

Taking a close-up look at the Bulletproof Hitch ED2010 2” Extreme Duty 10” Drop/Rise Hitch is just as awesome as surveying your trail ascension plan of attack at locations such as world-famous Castlewood Canyon itself. Fully made in the USA, the solid steel ball mount location makes it ideal for very demanding heavy-duty use. Another of the many things we love about this entire product line: The fully welded components are overseen by experts who are 100% guaranteed to finish the job without any defects. Every single pin is treated with an electroless nickel undercoat, protecting it from years of potential corrosion.

Types of Bulletproof Hitches

When you are ready to roll and know that the load you’ll be hauling requires an extra-sturdy and out-of-this-world means of reinforcement, first just select your duty grade! Medium Duty is for 14,000 lbs. towing capacity and 2,000 lbs. of tongue weight while the Goliath-quality Heavy Duty is good for 36,000 lbs. of towing capacity and 6,000 lbs. of tongue weight. These hitches will also prevent wear and tear on your tires and are strenuously tested on a custom 200,000- lb. bed for durability and rugged capability.

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We choose brands like this here at Bumper Superstore because they mean something! It’s not just an everyday component thrown together to get you by, it’s something to be proud of for the entire duration of the truck’s life. Browse our online portal for Bulletproof Hitches and other great products and prepare to get enough wind in your sails to muddy your flaps, test your locking differentials, and tow your lion’s share of goods to safety!