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Full Bumper Alternatives - Winch Mount Bumper - Winch Front Bumpers

Not in The Market For a Full Bumper, Try a Winch Mount Bumper

There are a number of awesome ways to increase the productivity level and protection of your truck, but the addition of a winch gives you the power to immerse yourself or a fellow off-roader out of trouble’s clutches. Body Armor, DV8 Offroad, and Warn are a few of our premium selected brands here at the Bumper Superstore, and they all come equipped with a strength much higher than that of stock bumpers. On top of giving your rig a sweet custom-polished look, winch Bumpers have better tire clearance for suspensions that have been lifted for the trials of the trail.

These bolt-on beauties provide everything you need to find yourself on the receiving end of rescue help, and optional lighting kits will help illuminate your way or the area that you use for sawing, measuring, or soil sampling.

Top Winch Mount Bumpers

We have always loved the goods that the hard-working creators at Warn have put out, and the Warn 103210 Semi Hidden Winch Mount Bumper Chevy Colorado 2015 – 2020 provides everything you need for easy-install winch accessibility without the need to relocate the control pack. Finished in super-stealth Black Powder Coat, this is an amazing recovery option in general but perfect for an overland expedition while oozing excessively sharp looks!

The Body Armor TR 19339 HILINE Series Winch Front Bumper for Toyota 4Runner 2014 – 2020 provides an ultra-clean look with the option to add on a 2nd pair of cube lights. It boasts a 10,000- lb winch capacity, and the trusty and hefty ability to pull you to freedom while you’re in a pinch. You can have a rig with the most powerful engine, fine-tuned suspension, and gnarliest tires, but it’s the grade-A winches like these that you can put your faith in when all else out in the wild may fail you!

Order Full Bumper Alternatives Here!

Shop here at the Bumper Superstore for winch mount bumpers like these! You’ll be proud to outfit your truck with these awesome aftermarket additives that add character, ability to make your trip easier, and hard-earned character to conquer any trail!

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