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Top Toyota Tacoma Bumpers for 2012-2015 - Best 2012-2015 Tacoma Bumpers

Top Toyota Tacoma Bumpers For 2012 – 2015

We’ve always had massive love for the Toyota Tacoma here at the Bumper Superstore and decided to take the extra time to highlight the best aftermarket bumpers we have available for the Fall season! The Tacoma’s 2012 model year refresh lured many diehard truck buyers with its restyled headlights, grille, hood, brand-new interior, and touch screen audio system with SiriusXM radio capability that offered entertainment while  out crushing slickrock and secret fire roads. These slightly older models are still trusty, able on command, and bumper-ready as ever.

Road Armor 905R5B Stealth Winch Front Bumper With Lonestar Guard and Square Light Holes for Toyota Tacoma 2012 – 2015

This top choice really takes the cake if you’re looking for a stealthy replacement for your rig after it rolls out of the factory! Hailing from the Lone Star State and boasting a direct bolt-on design, this powder-coat finished beauty pulls out all the stops when it comes to protection.

Fab Fours TTO5 – Y1351-1 Premium Rear Bumper For Toyota Tacoma 2005 – 2015

Our second bumper pick makes great use of the existing receiver hitch while providing a recovery point for any dire situations you may find yourself stuck in! You can add on a Voodoo Recovery Rope if you wish, and we guarantee you’ll consistently enjoy this solid and clean-looking offering from one of our tried-and-true favorites.

Iron Cross 22-705-12-MB Winch Front Bumper With Push Bar For Toyota Tacoma 2012 – 2015 Matte Black

This bumper is of one of the most amazing precision-laser cut and aggressively-styled bars we have ever laid eyes on! With a sinister appearance and the valuable ability to minimize corrosion, you can bolt up to a 12,000-lb winch for recovery on this sweet piece of durable and admirable work!

Road Armor 905R5B NW Stealth Non-Winch Front Bumper With Lonestar Guard and Square Light Holes For Toyota Tacoma 2012- 2015

One of our other favorites is one of the most innovative and durable bumpers ever to be released in the aftermarket segment. Sleek, simple, and designed to last for life, it speaks volumes at one glance,  basically saying, “Don’t mess with me because I'm showin’ up for duty!"

Hammerhead 600-56-0086 Rear Bumper Without Sensor Holes for Toyota Tacoma 2005 – 2015

This amazing bumper is a kickass product coming from a brand that we’ve long admired here at the Bumper Superstore! You can easily throw in a pair of Scorpion lights and rest assured knowing that as you crawl the canyon or gallop up the nearest gully, you’ll be brandishing a super aggressive and unique look for your truck!

ADD F693231200103 Stealth Front Bumper For Toyota Tacoma 2005 – 2015

Last but certainly not least in our top bumper list is easily recognizable thanks to its premium showoff trait - frame horns made from all-American mild steel! With no welding or complex assembly required, we have frequently said that this is hands down the all-around toughest bumper you can get for the Toyota. As an added bonus, it’s crafted by experts who pride themselves with every completed inch of this stealth form of protection!

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Check out the full selection of 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma Bumpers at Bumper Superstore and snag up A-list bumpers like these along with other great products you’ll need for your big days out! There’s nothing quite like feeling as if you are fully locked and loaded when it comes to aftermarket goods, and that’s just one area where we always have you 110% covered and ready to roll!