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Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tents

The view of the world you get from the seat of your all-out explorer is quite the thrilling one and everyone here at Bumper Superstore can’t get enough of it. That’s why we are proud to always have tons of admiration for a brand that lives up to their promise, offers the best in durability, and has core values that favor customers who love that view of the world as much as we do. Tuff Stuff stands out in a big way because of their massive protection from wind and water and the ability to separate yourself from any of the unwanted ground traffic in the form of bugs or other animals! These tents caught our eye immediately when we realized just how quick you could pack up and happily head to the scene of your next off-road adventure.

Bumper Superstore's Tuff Stuff Roof Top Tent Picks

Tuff Stuff’s protective products vary from the smaller 3-person Roof Top Tent to the full-sized Elite Overland Roof Top Tent and Annex Room. You can score Xtreme Weather Covers for the model you already purchased, mounting hardware packs to get the job done easier, and out-of-this world kickass items such as the Ranger 65” Roof Top Tent! You can also make your soil sampling, contracting, or fly-fishing tour business so much more convenient with burly bring-a-longs such as the Awning Camp Shelter Room with PVC Floor - ideal for anyone needing a rapid solution for a Sahara or Moab-inspired mobile office.

Constructed with industry-leading materials like waterproof Polyurethane, these overland goodies from Tuff Stuff are so durable and well-built that they can eliminate 50% of the overhead light that is always included with the mid and late afternoons during your trip. Select models also have free hanging gear hammocks and pull-out overhead verandas that are ideal for relaxing, winding down at night, or getting the crew together to plan your next trail run. These 3-person tents that nicely fit on top of a Jeep are simply amazing, and models like the “Elite” 5-person annex display a level of quality good enough to entertain or rejuvenate your energy under any location’s circumstances! 

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Here at Bumper Superstore, we have many varieties of killer products like these great offerings from Tuff Stuff. There’s no better time than the present to load up the supplies, prepare for outdoor quality time with your favorite company in tow, and literally “pitch a tent” right on top of your prized rig!