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Top Fifth Wheel Hitches - Best Andersen Hitches - Truck Fifth Wheel Hitches

Top Andersen Fifth Wheel Hitches

Everyone here that answers your questions and fulfills your orders at the Bumper Superstore has long loved products that are US-based and made for people who work hard just like you and these Andersen Fifth wheel hitches are certainly one of them! Andersen Hitches claims the strongest 5th wheel hitch in existence and has enjoyed 50 proud years of creating these stellar family-made and durable hitch goods. This year they expanded their warehouse space to keep up with their rapidly-growing demand, serving everyone who has long sought after the light-weight design of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection. That’s part of the reason why Andersen has many “firsts” going down in the history books as a premium-grade manufacturer.

Bumper Superstore's Andersen Hitch Picks

Their 3200 Rail Version Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection With Ball Funnel is a superstar because it’s the most practical and lightest-weight way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to your truck. It eliminates any unnecessary mess and keeps your hands clean. Do you prefer to enjoy your time at the lake in complete solitude? No problem! The base of this trusty unity can be situated or broken down in less than one minute all by yourself.

The Andersen 3224 Lowered Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Base With Hardware is your ultimate flatbed solution! It’s made from aluminum with the trademark lowered ultimate connection pyramid base and will quickly become your go-to universal part when working with these awesome and amazingly built hitches. The hitches themselves will make it easy to uncouple your trailer even while you are situated on uneven terrain. Provided with Andersen’s trusty Ultimate Connection Warranty, it’s the base of operations for the most durable and practical fifth wheel hitch on the market. It doesn’t matter if it is not the Fourth of July or Labor Day, these segment-leading accessories will see you safely and efficiently to the campsite and back year-round.

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Here at the Bumper Superstore, we have always set the very high mark for the brands we choose to carry, and take a special sense of pride in every single part shipped out to satisfied customers. Whether you have valuable cargo such as Clydesdales, a brand-new speedboat or spacious RV in tow, Andersen is our #1 choice for “staying hitched” as you ramble excitedly down the road!