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With a luxury-grade interior, excellent ride quality, and massive capability for on and off-road conquests, The Ram 1500 is an incredibly popular choice among loyal Bumper Superstore customers! The Ram 1500 boasts much more raw and sensible talent than most half-ton trucks because it’s nicer all-around and features an expertly built suspension. There’s now also a gigantic 12.0-inch touchscreen, as well as a split-folding tailgate. We are also huge fans of the 395-hp Hemi V8, and how the eco-friendly diesel-Sox boisterously busts out 480 lb-ft of torque. Here are some of the coolest bumpers we have for the Ram 2500, and once you slap one of these babies on your ride, you’ll be rolling in the fiercest aftermarket style!

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jeep bumpers with rear tire carriersThe Frontier Gear 300-49-8005 For Dodge Ram 1500 1996-2001 is irresistible for many reasons, but the top one is its construction made with Diamond Steel to provide the utmost protection. You don’t have to bust out the drill, and it still provides a super-snug fit to your truck. Want factory tow hooks or fog lights to spruce up your appearance? This bumper allows for that sweet kind of step up and cuts down the wear and tear your suspension suffers on the trail.


This Frontier Gear 100-41-0004 Rear Bumper With Sensor Holes and Lights for Dodge Ram 1500 2010 and Ram 1500 2011-2018 is a solid example of an aftermarket goodie that’s perfect to slap on the caboose for a look cooler than you’d get from any factory component! You get the benefit of the corner assist step for the workday, and it also will accommodate OEM backup sensors. LED lights come with it, and none of the wiring and rear parts are not left gaping and exposed. We also love the unique diamond tread because it provides an awesome visual accent.

The Frontier Gear 100-41-0003 Rear Bumper With Sensor Holes and no Lights For Dodge Ram 1500 2010 and Ram 1500 2011-2018 has a very fit look to it and really does well at blending in with your truck’s existing character. You’ll still have easy access to the truck’s bed for loading and unloading anything urgent, and your license plate will be lit up with two super cool lights. It still plays well with factory-installed goodies like the tow hitch assembly but adds its own style that sets you apart from the rigs rolling directly off the line! 

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Here at Bumper Superstore, we are committed to giving you the best prices, customer service, and quality guarantee on the bumpers we offer. Beefing things up to an aftermarket additive is going to give you awesome looks, out of sight protection, and the perfect extra item to really be able to call things your own.

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