Commercial vs Residential Shipping

Why do we choose to ship truck freight items to a commercial address?

Providing a commercial address for shipping a product via truck freight is beneficial for customers because it can save them time and money. Shipping to a commercial address can reduce the chance of delivery delays caused by residential traffic, such as re-routes or busy streets. On top of that, many carriers provide additional services like tracking and scheduled delivery to commercial addresses which offer greater convenience and peace of mind when sending valuable items. A commercial address also has more flexibility in terms of hours of operation, allowing for deliveries outside normal business hours, and better customer service due to the presence of staff onsite. For these reasons, customers should provide a commercial address when shipping their product Truck Freight.

In short, here's the benefits of shipping to a commercial address: 

  • Low cost of delivery
  • Product is delivered to a business and unloaded for you
  • Faster delivery time
  • Less risk of delays and reroutes due to residential address
  • Less risk of damage when unloading the product with a fork lift or additional help
  • Additional Tracking Information

Depending on your location, we may contact you to request a commercial address. Our goal is to make sure your experience at Bumper Superstore is superior to other online stores. If you have questions about commercial vs residential shipping please call us directly at 1-720-895-1744