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Hammerhead truck bumpers are premium, high end aftermarket replacements. These bumpers range in the mid tier as far as pricing and are built extremely well. These bumpers are designed to fit the contours of your truck and come with all the necessary mounting brackets to line up perfectly. Hammerhead has begun building all their front bumpers with square light holes to accommodate square LED light holes. The rear Hammerhead bumpers for sale come with round light holes and are designed to work with rear lighting solutions. You can choose between standard halogens or LED lights. All Hammerhead bumpers are finished with a satin black powder coat finish.

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The brand themselves has these words to say, "Trucks were born to ride. Not just to ride, but to dominate. And domination doesn’t just cover the road, it covers everything. From mud-riding to rock-climbing, Hammerhead Armor™ ensures safe, sturdy riding — or domination — no matter which path you take. Trucks aren’t always meant to be splattered with mud. Sometimes you just want a bold, clean ride. With Hammerhead Armor™ bumpers, you can treat your truck to strength and durability, without the bulky look. Relax, enjoy the smooth ride, and the sweet satisfaction of always arriving in style. Dependability is something we spend a great deal of time searching for. From dusk to dawn, you’re constantly moving, and the last thing you need is to stop and fix something that don’t need fixin’. Let us make your life a little easier by guaranteeing great quality structure without the hassle of constant repair or the stress of damaging your truck. Got a baseball game to race to? A parking spot to finagle? A hunting path that no other vehicle could handle? Never fear, Hammerhead Armor™ is here, because who else could run this show, no sweat? Hammerhead Armor™ bumpers fit snugly to your frame, not your skin, to ensure protection and perfection for any challenge you choose. It’s no competition. With Hammerhead Armor™ you win, every time."