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Why choose an Engo Winch over leading competitors? If your looking for a quality winch check out the E-Series Engo Winch! Engo makes high quality electrical and hydraulic winches that will meet your needs and exceed your wants. Yeah, I'm sure you have checked out Warn and Mile Marker but hey... turn the other way. The E-Series uses a state of the art motor and offers you an efficient 3-Stage planetary gear train for years of heavy use. Plus, you get an automatic load-holding brake, rugged hand remote, free-spooling, power in-and-out stainless steel fasteners and a standard 4 Way Galvanized Roller Fair lead.

So how does the Engo Winch stacks up winch companies like Warn? Well... The Engo Winch was one of two brands to survive the “Multi-Winch shoot out“ in Four Wheeler magazine. Personally, we know that this test is hardcore and not just a marketing scam. Mudflaps.com has sold hundreds of these winches and have yet to have a return. Not only is ENGO priced right but it delivers you maximum performance.

All Engo Winches come with a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical components and a 1 year warranty on electrical components. The E-Series includes the 9000, 9000S, 10000, 10000S, 120000 to handle every job imaginable and offering the best all around performance and value of any winch available. The S stands for synthetic rope for added strength and durability when towing added weight. If your looking for the ultimate performance and best price then grab an ENGO winch today.

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Engo 9000, Engo 12000, Engo 10000, Engo 16000, Engo 12000S, Engo 10000S on sale now at Mudflaps.com!