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Looking for a cool, high quality tonneau cover? Check out BAK Industries tonneau covers. These truck bed covers are extremely affordable and offer great security for your truck bed and maximum weather protection. Whether you use your pickup truck to bring home the weekly groceries or for moving materials from one job site to another, a truck's value lies in its bed. People are realizing the importance of having a good tonneau cover to secure their truck beds. Not only does a tonneau cover protect the cargo inside your truck bed, it also shields the bed from undue wear and tear and protects your valuables from the elements.

If it's not obvious by now... Not all tonneau covers are created equal. The question many truck owners ask us is, "What's the best truck tonneau for my vehicle?" Not surprisingly, the answer depends on the type of truck you have, how you use it and your budget are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the right cover. Bak Industries has covers that suit every vehicles need.

BAK specializes in hard folding tonneau covers and retractable tonneau covers. Folding tonneau covers give you durable coverage because they are stronger than vinyl roll up covers. BAK retractable covers are made of aluminum. They are extremely strong and versatile, allowing you to easily fit your motorcycle or cargo in your truck bed. Browse the covers below to learn more about each individual cover type. Remember, we offer Free Shipping on all covers!

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