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Looking for a Cargo Net? The SafetyWeb Gorilla Cargo Net quickly turns the bed of your truck from an open hazard to a secure covered truck bed. The Gorilla Cargo net will lower your risk for a fine and reduce the chances of losing anything from the bed of your truck. This cargo net is simple to install. Simply cover the items in your bed, hook the net in place and you are on the way. The Gorilla cargo net is constructed with 1.5” webbing rated at 1200 lbs per square inch. This is 10 times stronger than any other competition truck net.

Each net has a triple-layered reinforced edges to give the highest possible strength. The center of the Gorilla truck net features a strong, heavy-duty rip free mesh fabric. This mesh fabric adds additional support to the truck net. Each net is equipped with multiple grommet anchoring points. If you need to increase the net's capacity simply add additional straps to make the net larger.

Whether you have a short 5’ bed, enormous 10’ bed, or even a 14' bed, the SafetyWeb Gorilla Cargo Net has you covered. Each truck net is available in 4 different sizes for any and all trucks. Each cargo net includes a 4 piece hard ware set to make installation a breeze. Use the included bag to store your truck net when you don't need the cargo net. Oh, if that is not enough the Gorilla Cargo Net has a 1-year warranty. Don't settle for a cheap truck net. Go with the best. Go with the SafetyWeb Cargo Net.
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