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Towtector Premium is the ultimate in brush guard performance. The Premium Brush Guard includes 4 full brush strips for mounted to a steel frame plus an easy to mount center hub. Each system includes the anti-sail brush kit. Available in 70" for small trucks and SUV's, 78" for full-size trucks and 96" for RV's and Motor Homes. Additional Towtector Premium features include:

Three Widths: Available in 70", 78" and 96" Widths.
Best Selling: Original model with heavy duty steel construction throughout.
Maximum Protection: Double brush strips for maximum protection from road debris.
Durability: Long lasting Black Krinkle powder coat finish resists corrosion.
Easy Installation: Center tube support bracket is a new stronger design.
Wall Storage: Includes wall storage bracket.

Checkout the video below on the Towtector Premium to see additional features. If you need more information simply call us! We have full confidence you will love your new Towtector Pro and see the benefits immediately.

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