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Rigid Dually D2 is the next generation of "fog lamp" style lights. The Dually D2 has 6 LEDs in a 2x3 configuration that utilizes Rigid Industries' Specter Optic System, and is available in either Driving or Wide beam configurations. The Dually D2 is encased in a 2" by 3" housing as the original Dually but produces 2600 lumens and uses only about 28 watts @ 1.9 amps. The Wide beam, like the name, gives you an extra wide lighting distance for greater visibility.

The Rigid D2 Driving beam, produces the perfect combination of distance and width for lighting up the road or water in front of you. Check out these Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED Lights at Mudflaps.com for wholesale prices. Order with confidence at low prices on Rigid Lights.
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