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The Cargo Glide 1000A takes truck bed slides to the next level. Unlike the 1000 and 1500HD the 1000A features light weight but tough aluminum plywood deck with rubber laminate to account for pulling and push loads. The standard side rails are 2" and are available in 6" high or 8" high. The extension on this 1000A is insane: 70% extension and up to 16 bearings per unit. Installation takes less than 30 minutes and requires only 4 holes for short bed trucks and 6 holes for long bed trucks. The system comes pre-assembled and ships to any address! Available for most popular trucks, SUV's and cargo vans on the market.
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More About CargoGlide 1000-A

  • Aluminum frame welded construction.
  • 10 Cam bearings and sliders for easy smooth action on level or unlevel ground.
  • Cargo Glide 1000A load capacity is 1000 lbs. evenly distributed.
  • The 1000-A features 70-75% extension.
  • Installation, Cargo Glide uses Plus-Nut system for easy install be one person.
  • Install in less than 30 minues.
  • Simply drill 4 holes for short bed trucks and 6 holes for long bed trucks
  • Unit can be removed in about 10 minutes if needed and re-installed in the same time.
  • Comes in stock sizes to fit most trucks and vans on the market today.
  • Dual direction and motorized units available as well as capacity from 1200 to 2500 lbs.
  • Built in height adjusters for installs such as GM pickups that require additional clearance for tailgates.
  • 2" side rails (Call for 6" high or 8" high optional side rails available)
  • Plywood deck, ¾" exterior grade with rubber laminate on surface.
  • Squeeze handle for easy one hand operation.
  • Locking positions every 12" for safety and convenience.
  • Pre-assembled, for ease of installation. Perfect for commercial and fleet applications.