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Rugged Ridge Flat Fenders are over-built tubular fenders designed for maximum suspension movement while still maintaining a factory-style inner fender liner. The tough 0.120” wall tube is attached to 1/8” steel plating for one tough fender design. Plus, RRC Tubular Flat Fenders are direct factory replacements with a built in full fender liner. Note, some drilling my be required to allow for all factory engine accessories to be mounted by using the factory mounting hardware. Fenders are packed in pairs, primed for paint. Though these flares cover most tires, they are designed for offroad use and additional flare coverage may be needed for onroad use in some states. Two unique styles to choose from: Basic model requires greater installation (drilling) and more sheet metal work before painting. It also includes the side marker light housing. Upgrade model bolts directly on using factory inner liner has ground welds and is ready for paint. The upgrade version does not include the side marker light housing and is designed for offroad use only.
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