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Hammerhead Headache Racks - Bumper Superstore

Bearing the name of a powerful and sinister oceanic predator that commands the seas, the Hammerhead brand is one that we have the utmost respect and love for here at the Bumper Superstore! Every single one of their products we offer is made with expert care, and the brand never compromises in the slightest when it comes to quality. Based in Bay Springs, Mississippi, these hard-working craftsmen carry a complete line of aftermarket bumpers, running boards, winches, and other accessories for all of your favorite brands.

Hammerhead Headache Racks

Here are a few favorites we carry right here on our portal, poised and ready to protect your truck and just as agile as the stately and nocturnal snub-nosed predator of the sea!

The Hammerhead 600-56-0938 Headache Rack for Jeep Gladiator 2020-2021 is the ultimate way to keep your valuable tools and materials from finding their way into the cab directly through your rear window during a daring run on the nearest fire road! Carry a ladder or any other long load easily with this built-to-order model for Jeep’s newest number that sports a bed along with the original go-anywhere attitude and lifestyle features. Finished in an awesome Wrinkle Black Powder Coat, it’s also perfect for spare tires you’ll need along for the ride.

The Hammerhead 600-56-0798 Headache Rack for Ford F250/F350 2017-2020 provides a safety advantage for securing heavy or otherwise awkward loads that you will want to transport with one of America’s most-loved trucks! If you happen to hit the brakes quickly in a pinch, all the heavy items onboard are not going to be able to win the proverbial dodgeball battle against the 49.5” light bar in the center, two 7.4” light bars in the rear, and one 7.4” light bar on each side. The installation process requires nothing more than a quick bolt-on, and this piece is built tough to withstand anything thrown at it frequently in the wild.

Hammerhead Headache Racks

This Hammerhead 600-56-0745 Headache Rack for Ford F150/Raptor 2009-2020 is a sweet built-to-order set from this killer brand that has practicality and durability as its front-and-center functions. Easily add on a set of Scorpion Lights if it suits you, and enjoy the help from a fantastic and sturdily-built friend that will aid you in even the toughest of contractor jobs and tight situations. This grade of amazing powder coat is on deck to resist eventual rust and corrosion, allowing you to fully enjoy beast-level performance with one of Ford’s meanest models.

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