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Do I Need a Grille Guard for my Truck?

Everything You Need to Know About Grille Guards

As you edge eagerly away from the city and reach the locations where your new truck will give you the most enjoyment, accessories such as a grille guard can offer you peace of mind and protection. If you are planning on frequenting anywhere populated with various types of wildlife, the truck you have so much “tough love” for may benefit from an added layer of outer protection! Some of the most seasoned drivers out there advise using them for protection of your headlights as well as other front end elements, but some out there are not so hasty to get their guard on.

Grille guards, also known as brush guards, act as a cage layer for the front of the vehicle, and are constructed from durable materials such as polyethylene, trusty steel, and aluminum alloys. Since many trucks don't arrive off the lot with a grille guard, it's a great opportunity to browse options out there that fit your style and preference. Grille guard costs vary depending on the size, model, and functionality. Make sure you research the right model and price point for your truck.

There have been many in-depth discussions about these unique guards and how they benefit the driver, and we'll lay out plainly for you here on the blog some good reasons to use one and other reasons why some drivers don't prefer them.

The Reasons Why Users Favor Grille Guards:

One of the strongest arguments in favor of grille guards is that front bumpers become reinforced and help prevent accidents. If you were unlucky enough to have your prized truck involved in a head-on accident, the destruction would be drastically less with a grille guard installed. Everyone here at the Bumper Superstore collectively believes that they are the best means of protection for low-speed impact, and collisions that may occur in tight spaces and corners. 

Even with the amazing suspension and steering systems now available on the world's most durable trucks, inclement weather and other drivers can still pose the threat of mishaps that would yield you a fairly large bill from the body shop. The use of a well-made grille guard stands between your beloved vehicle and the undesired source of impact, minimizing the nuisance of damage. 

Grille guards can also add to the appearance of the truck and help boost its rugged stance, which is an attribute that draws many to the selection of a truck itself. Many different finishes are available, giving you a wider range of selection for your choice. 

Why Some Truck Owners Don't Use Grille Guards:

The ability that a grille guard or brush guard possesses to provide protection in the event of a collision varies with exactly how fast you are going. If your speed is around 30 mph, the frame under the grille guard has a chance of being fairly intact. One of the primary drawbacks here is that a well-bolted grille guard can sometimes pass on damaging impact forces to the truck's frame, and can even have a negative effect on the inner factory crash absorption system. 

Sometimes debris such as rocks can be hit in a specific manner that affects the lower portion of your vehicle, and damage may extend further than it would without the front completely protected. Since bumpers with grille guards may not be the most affordable, we also offer base bumpers and aluminum bumpers at extreme value pricing so the brush guard cost does not outweigh the value.

Where Can I Buy a Grille Guard? 

It is known that grille guards may heighten damage during a high-speed crash and pose a bit of a threat to pedestrians, but does that make them a “no-fly zone” for those who love to navigate cattle pastures, rough roads, and other elements of the great outdoors with their truck? If most of your driving is outside of urban areas and takes place where there may be wildlife during day or night, a grille guard is an ideal choice for you. 

Our aftermarket grille guard selection provides top of the line choices for many diamond plate or smooth finish options. Bumper Superstore is the one-stop portal and shop for all your bumper needs!