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Made In America Spotlight: Hammerhead Bumpers

When we pick a personal favorite here at the Bumper Superstore, it's a defining sign of a brand that we'd want to use on our own truck, and be proud to sport on the highway or trail daily! Today on the blog we'll take a close-up look at Hammerhead Bumpers, US made truck bumpers and an iconic brand hailing from the banks of the Mississippi Delta. They saw their beginnings in 2008 when a talented group of employees from the Hol-Mac Corporation answered their own personal calling to create high-quality bumpers for truck lovers everywhere that didn't see the need for drilling, welding, or cutting for installation.

Why Should I Buy An American Hammerhead Bumper?

This well-honed group of truck enthusiasts saw their bright future as manufacturers of bumpers that were tightly-held to the same standards as Hol-Mac's diehard industrial-grade offerings. Each piece has been carefully-welded by professionals who are AWS D1.1 welding certified, ensuring that your brand-new Hammerhead Bumper will stand the test of time. You'll know that you are always in good hands with a one-year warranty, offering peace of mind that there are no defects during the build.

Whether your personal preference is Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, or Nissan, you'll find the ideal front or rear bumper here for you. All of these supreme-grade bumpers are produced from high-quality A36 carbon steel, arriving at the factory in plate form. This plate is then expertly shot-blasted to do away with scale and form the cut to best fit your vehicle.

Most of Hammerhead's bumpers will be able to accommodate up to a 16,500-lb winch meant for 3.4-ton and above models and can be mounted securely on the front or bottom. We always have tons of love for products made right here in the USA, and you'll impress everyone when you pull up to the trail brandishing a new Hammerhead with a semi-slip resistant finish and textured wrinkle powdercoat paint.

American Hammerhead Bumpers:

The Hammerhead 600-56-0063 Winch Front Bumper With Pre-Runner Guard and Square Light Holes For Ford F150 Ecoboost 2011-2014 is a winch-capable model that stands up to the demanding task of on-and off-road driving in one of America's most-loved trucks. You'll have no worries about ample reinforcement, as this rugged model is manufactured to allow for necessary extra strength while keeping the bumper's total weight as light as possible. Assuring you'll always get out of any tight spot the adventure leaves you in, you can use this bumper with the Warn VR8000, VR10000, M8000, XD9000i, and XD9000 Warn brand winches.  If it strikes your fancy you can throw in a set of Scorpion Lights on this extra-durable and canyon-ready piece!

This Hammerhead 600-56-0127 Winch Front Bumper With Pre-Runner Guard And Square Light Holes For The Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 1988-1998 is the perfect bolt-on solution for being just a little tired of your factory-issue source of boredom. Hammerhead has been destroying the competition with value pricing for a worthwhile product for years, and installing this bumper for Chevy's much-loved and powerful plaything will give you the Assurity and stature of an off-road-ready tank. You can pull yourself out of sinking sand or any other occupational hazard with the compatible Warn VR8000 and M8000 winches, and no one anywhere on the road will doubt your level of seriousness for an instant!

A brand named after an aggressive and stealthily-moving shark is bound to please even the choosiest of truck lovers, and here at Bumper Superstore, we have these as well as plenty of other durable and dependable bumpers. Check out our USA Hammerhead bumpers and more at Bumper Superstore.