Blue Ox Offers...

  • The most reliable towing products in the industry.
  • The most thorough, responsive customer service around.
  • Exceeds the expectations of our customers/dealers in customer service.
  • Ensures that your email is always answered personally and promptly.
  • Toll Free Hotline available by calling 1.888.425.5382.
  • Technical training across the USA.
  • Innovative, top of the line, quality products that you can count on.

  • The Triton Towbar The Triton Towbar The Triton™ the strength when you need it system offers 80,000 lbs. of commercial grade towing capacity. Is powerful enough to tow up to nine HUMVEEs (8,900 lbs. average weight). Has automatic locking legs, self-aligning hook-ups and a wide hook-up zone.

  • The SwayPro Hitch The SwayPro Hitch The SwayPro hitch controls trailer sway under heavy loads, high winds, and rutted roads. Has a durable gold zinc finish that wont chip, rust or corrode. Is rated up to 1500 lbs tongue weight.

  • The Aventa Lx The Aventa Lx The Aventa Lx offers Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces, self tightening picot connection, rubber boots to protect from road grime, dependable steel construction, legs collapse & extend to lock for easy hook-up, the ultimate in quick disconnecting, and a three year warranty.

  • Diamond Hitch Diamond Hitch The diamond hitch is rated to 30,000 lbs gross towing weight, a tongue weight rating to 7,500 lbs, and the entire Hitch assembly is tested at an independent laboratory.