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Coverking Car Covers | Coverking Seat Covers

Coverking makes the best seat covers, car covers and dash board covers on the planet! Why are these guys so special? All Coverking products are custom made in-house delivering a unique product to every customer. Seat covers help protect your seats from sun damage and keep your seats warm in the winter. Coverking is the leading manufacturer of Custom Car Covers made to fit your vehicle specifically. The fit, material properties, looks, strength and features are all high quality and top of the line. What makes a car cover stand apart? The fabric of the cover makes the world of difference. A high quality cover uses softer, non-abrasive feel allowing for a non scratch cover on the inside and protective outer coat. All designs are custom made so each cover you get is unique and state of the art. Mudflaps.com is proud to be an authorized Coverking distributor and bring to you customized car covers for the best prices. Select from following options to create the perfect car cover for your ride.

Why Choose Coverking Custom Car Covers?
Coverking makes the highest quality Custom Car Covers on the market. They are superior in fit, material properties, looks, strength and features. Car covers protect the vehicle interior from fading plus they keep people from looking into your car. Car covers are a great way to steer of theft and keep your vehicle clean. How about protection for the weather? Most covers are strong enough to prevent hail damage and are hands down the best covers for rain and snow protection. And don't forget about the sun! The sun damages your cars paint and dash when it sits for long hours. Coverking custom car covers prevent this from happening using only superior quality fabrics.

Pattern Fit and Design
Car Covers use a lot of material. Your looking at about 30 yards per vehicle. Some car cover companies try and cut corners using patchwork fabrics sewn together to create quilt like covers. This method does save fabric but in the long run your cover is weak and doesn't look right. The extra seams increases the risk of seam failures and seam leakage increase. This also leads to a custom car cover that does not look very custom. Not Coverking! They have never compromised the function or fit of it’s Custom Car Covers to save a few yards of fabric.

Coverking Materials
Fabric makes the biggest difference between a high quality cover and junk. Coverking designs its own fabrics in-house and uses the best fabric mills and manufacturers. The Coverking team of engineers have the ability to use exact material composition and construction. This ability allows them to meet the most stringent material test requirements set out by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Outdoor Custom Car Cover materials should be breathable. Letting trapped moisture under the car to escape through the cover. This stops a “greenhouse” condition for happening and ultimately keeps your vehicle rust free.

How are Coverking car covers constructed? They are designed and cut on sophisticated CAD computer programs. All outdoor car covers are sewn using double needle and overlapped seams. This delivers a durable, leak resistant seam which has a backup stitch if the main stitch fails. Coverking's indoor Stretch Satin fabric is sewn with a "blind seam"which is ideal for use in the indoor, show-car conditions the fabric wasdesigned for. Coverking Custom Car Covers have neoprene elastic tensioners sewnin the front and rear of every cover. Protection grommetsfor the optional security kit are sewn in the sides and covered, so as not tobe visible when the car cover is covering a vehicle. All outdoor Custom CarCovers are sewn with heavy, wax coated thread. The thin coating of wax helps to seal the fabric where the needle pierced through, reducing the chance ofleakage through the seam.