Truck Bumper Breakdown 101

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Base Bumper - Front Bumper Replacement

At our goal is to provide you with information about front bumpers before you purchase. A "Base Bumper" is a type of front bumper replacement that looks similar to a stock bumper. These bumpers are typically contoured to the lines of your truck and don't have a grille guard or push bar attached to them. They are however more durable and stronger than most stock bumpers. This is a great way to make a drastic change to the front end while throwing in the option of adding a winch and brighter fog lamps. Note both the two bumpers shown are made by ICI and Iron Cross. Both the magnum bumper and the Iron Cross base come standard with a built in winch plate and fog lamp cutouts. Browse the selection below to find the winch bumper or base bumper that you like.

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Bullnose Bumper - Front Bumper Replacement has killer deals on heavy duty bullnose bumpers to improve the look of your truck. A bullnose bumper is designed to fit the lines of your vehicle but also give a unique off-road look to the front of your truck. A bullnose bumper is slightly different than bumper with a push bar. The bullnose is usually reinforced and a bit stronger. We have a huge selection of bullnose bumpers to choose from by leading brands like Ranch Hand, Frontier Gear and Tough Country. These are some of the biggest names in the bullnose game so you should be able to find what your looking for below. Note the first bumper shown is called the Apache by Tough Country. This bumper comes with an optional hidden or visible 2" front receiver and d-rings. Both Ranch Hand bumpers come standard with a 2" receiver, optional winch mount depending on model and OEM fog lamp mounts (select models). The Ranch Hand bullnose and Frontier Gear X-treme Series (Not Pictured) have additional loops to support the center bullnose section.

truck bumpers

Bumpers with Full Grille Guard - Front Bumper Replacement has a full collection of bumpers will full headlight protection. Bumpers with built on grille guards provide maximum protection for your truck by shielding your headlights and grille from front end collisions. Wildlife is a leading cause of front end damage to trucks and SUV's in rural areas. Manufacturers like Ranch Hand, Tough Country and Road Armor specialize in building bad ass one piece bumpers that will protect your rig. Brands like Road Armor, Fab Fours, Iron Cross and ICI come standard with a smooth black powder coat finish. Road Armor is known for making extra beefy full grille guards with heavy duty 2" steel tubes. Fab Fours (Pictured) also makes industry leading bumpers with stylish, contoured headlight guards. Ranch Hand, Frontier and Black Steel by Fab Fours are made with diamond plate steel and finished with gloss black powder coat treatment. These bumpers are specifically built with strong schedule 40 piping designed specifically to protect your truck against collision and on road debris. If you have questions about which direction/style you are trying to take your truck give us a shout. We are here to help: 1-720-895-1744.

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Bumpers with Pre-Runner Bar / Push Bar - Front Bumper Replacement offers a great selection of bumpers with pre-runner bars and push bars. The additional center bar make mounting additional HID Lights or LED Light bars simple. Most bumpers with push bars come with light tabs or are either 1-1/4" to 2" for easy installation of lights using clamps. Leading manufacturers like Road Armor, Fab Fours, Iron Cross and Tough Country specialize in hardcore bumpers. Push bar bumpers can be ordered with an optional winch mount from most brands. Just like base bumpers, select bumpers come winch ready and can have an additional winch plate added on as an option. These bumpers come with standard with fog lamp cutouts. For newer models, light cutouts to fit Rigid Industries Light Bars can be requested. For more information or to custom order a bumper contact us today. We are your Bumper Superstore!

Rancher Style Bumpers - Front Bumper Replacement

Ranch Style Bumpers is a classification specializes in. If you need a heavy duty bumper check out the following brands and see what they have to offer: Black Steel by Fab Fours, Ranch Hand, Tough Country and Frontier. These four manufacturers crank out hundreds of tons of steel every month to make heavy duty bumpers here in America. That's right, 100% American made products. Each ranch bumper is finished with gloss black diamond tread powder coat. These bumpers are hand welded inside and out for maximum front end protection. Ranch Hand is the best selling bumper company in the world. They are known for durable quality and extreme protection. We recommend checking out each brand of front bumper replacements to find what YOU like.